Thursday, Jun 4, 2020

The National Community Action Partnership is the central agency for the 1,000+ local Community Action Agencies that provide life changing services to individuals & families. Albany Community Action Partnership (ACAP) in Albany, NY is part of the network.
The National organization has released a statement - Affirming its Core Values. The statement includes a response to the disproportionate losses to important populations in our country. Community Action continues to denounce all forms of violence & any acts that dehumanize anyone.

The words of the Community Action Promise: “We care about the entire community”. And, in love & unity, we will interrupt the darkness of this time & will continue to “embody the spirit of hope”.

ACAP believes we are all part of the Power of Change - let's continue to work towards a better future together. (see the attached document for the full statement)

Community Action Statement

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