Friday, Jul 5, 2019

Community and Career Services has a free Home Health Aide Class starting August 5th. 

Class begins 08/05/19 and ends 08/29/19 and will take take place Monday thru Friday, 9am-3pm in Albany. You must register by 07/26/2019.

No High School diploma or GED Required.

Other requirements will apply. 

ACAP will assist class attendees with bus passes or gas cards, as well as provide scrubs. We will also provide supportive job placement once you have completed class.






Community and Career Services has a Phlebotomy class starting July 29th

Customers need to be registered by July 19. You must attend an Orientation class to register. Our Orientations take place Mondays at 10am!


How long is the class? 07/29/19 – September

What days of the week/times will the classes be ? Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00am to 12:30pm

Is the class here? Class will be in Albany

Requirements: Attend an orientation on Monday at 10am, here at Sheridan You must  have a  HS Diploma or GED

If you are unable to make a Monday orientation please call us for further assistance



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