Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Albany Community Action Partnership has been recognized by the New York State Community Action Association (NYSCAA) for our hard work and exemplary dedication during the Coronavirus pandemic. The ACAP staff appreciates the recognition and continues to work hard for our Albany neighbors; the families and individuals who rely on our services and support, and who are presently facing additional hardships.

The pandemic and economic downturn has increased the conversation on an existing situation - our underserved communities need solutions and investments for long-term sustainable change. ACAP recognizes we are stronger by working together, and appreciates our partners in the effort to help our communities gain economic self-sufficiency, and our residents obtain an improved quality of life.  Let's continue to do all we can, so all individuals and families have a chance to live their best life.
ACAP hopes for the day the COVID-19 pandemic will end and we can resume our past activities, but at the same time we cannot forget how certain residents have fallen further behind.  ACAP is dedicated to help our residents, as we combat the long term social and economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Power of Change is You & ACAP.

If you need services, or have an question about services call 518-463-3175.
You can also apply directly online click here.

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