Weatherization FAQs

How do I know if I am eligible for Weatherization services?<Back to Top>
The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) income eligibility limits for Program Year 2011-2012 are shown below. These limits are effective of October 1, 2011. These limits are based on 60% of state median income and family size.

Household Size

Gross Monthly Income

Gross Annual Income



































$693 for each add. person

Do I have to own my own home to receive services?<Back to Top>
No, you do not have to own your home. Tenants are eligible to apply, but we’ll have to work in cooperation with your landlord. If your landlord is meets the eligibility guidelines the services will be provided free of charge. If they are not eligible, services can still be provided with a 25-50% contribution from the landlord. It is suggested that if you are a tenant wishing to apply for weatherization that you speak with your landlord prior to applying.

Is a lien going to be put against my home?<Back to Top>
No, a lien will not be placed on your home for receiving weatherization services.

Who pays for the weatherization work?<Back to Top>
Weatherization services are funded through New York State's Division of Housing and Community Renewal(DHCR).

If I live in a two family home (or more), can I still apply for weatherization?<Back to Top>
Yes, you can still apply for services. However, each unit in a building must submit an application. In order for the building to qualify at least 50% of the units must be eligible. In a 2 family home, at least one of the two families must be eligible, in a 3 family home, at least 2 of the 3 families must be eligible, and so forth.

Who decides what work will be done?<Back to Top>
After you are accepted into the program your home will be placed on our waiting list. The wait is typically 1-3 months. During this time an energy auditor will call you to set up an appointment to perform an energy evaluation of your home. The comprehensive evaluation includes determining possible air leaks, as well as looking at your furnace, hot water tank, light fixtures and more. The auditor will use the results of the evaluation to develop a scope of work for our weatherization crew and/or subcontractors.

If I have received weatherization services in the past, can I apply again?<Back to Top>
Unfortunately our policy mandates that we are unable to return to homes that received weatherization services after September 1994. This date periodically changes, so please check back.

If I do not qualify for weatherization are there other services available through ACAP?<Back to Top>
Albany Community Action Partnership does have an Energy Services division that can perform weatherization type services on a fee for service basis. For more information on this, please contact our office. ACAP offers a number of other programs to help families. Please view our Programs and Services page for more information.

What other resources are available in the community for housing needs?<Back to Top>

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