Our Programs & Services

All the programs at ACAP are offered to address the economic, emotional, social and educational needs of individuals and families in the communities we serve. In an effort to keep services relevant and vital, ACAP maintains a qualified staff and a tri-partite board of directors that includes government leaders, private leaders and low-income representatives. When customers come to ACAP, they are truly respected and understood for where they are at the moment and where they can be in the future.

ACAP offers The Power of Change through three distinct, yet complementary departments. Early Childhood Education has several programs that help to foster school readiness, offer health screenings and nutritious meals, and provide quality child care in a caring and learning community. These programs also work to empower parents with information and job opportunities to keep their families stable. Housing & Energy Services offers programs that work to ensure that home environments are comfortable, safe and more cost efficient. ACAP’s Community & Career Services delivers assistance to at-risk youth, adults, families and the elderly through an array of programs that help during times of crisis as well as during times of purposeful transition for those most in need.

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What Services Do You Need?

____ Quality child care or pre-K for my child(ren)
____ Help in paying my utility bill(s)
____ Help finding a job
____ Access to parenting skills
____ Job training for a career in a growing industry
____ A less drafty, warmer and more affordable home
____ Assistance completing my income tax return
____ Home improvements to accommodate a disability
____ Professional clothing for interviewing & work
____ Help writing my resume
____ Supplemental and nutritious food
____ Help setting career goals for my future success
____ Access to a career support network
____ A safe place to get services without going to DSS
____ A place where my ‘power to change’ is recognized

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