Board of Directors

ACAP Board Members

Jamel Burgos, President

Jonathan Jones, Vice President

Kavita Fuller-Dobbs, Treasurer

Michael McLaughlin, Secretary


Grace Finley Mayor James Gaughan Jamel Burgos
Michael McLaughlin Bryan Clenahan Paul L. Koniowka
Kavita Fuller-Dobbs Leif Engstrom, Rep. City Auditor Andre Lewis
OPEN Jonathan Jones, Rep. Mayor Sheehan OPEN
OPEN Derrick Conyers OPEN


The composition of every Community Action Agency (CAA) Board of Directors must include people representing specific sectors of the community as mandated by the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act. One-third are people from the private sector, one-third must be local government elected officials or their designees, and, most importantly, one-third must be representatives of the low-income community who are democratically elected.

The required one-third representation of low-income people is the most significant difference between CAAs and other community-based organizations. Although many organizations include low-income representation on their boards, only CAAs are legislatively mandated to do so. The tripartite board is instrumental in identifying the types of programs and services needed to bring about true self-sufficiency.


Click HERE for 2016 Board Meeting Calendar.
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