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About Career Pathways
Albany Community Action Partnership’s Career Pathways is a collaborative program that originated from New York State’s Department of Labor and Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. Designed to improve the economic prospects of low income workers, ACAP’s Career Pathways is a free, income-qualifying program of integrated education, training programs, and support services that will assist you in securing entry level employment in the career field of your choice. Each designated Career Pathways are growing Capital Region industries and offer real opportunities for advancement as well as a quality workforce for Capital Region employers.

Program Details
Participants become immersed in their industry through six to eight weeks of training using a combination of classroom and hands-on experience in real work situations. After a certificate is achieved, Career Pathways staff will assist you with job searching in your industry. Services integrated with our career services programs include assistance with resume writing, answering interview questions, and dressing for a successful interview. An employment specialist will continue to provide support during your first year of employment. Assistance may include helping you plan your steps to a promotion, helping you improve your financial management skills, and helping you better balance your work/home life.

careerpathways Career Pathways Trainings
Currently, ACAP’s Career Pathways program offers trainings in the following career fields:
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hotel Operations
  • Healthcare (CNA, HHA, Phlebotomy, etc.)*
  • Janitorial

*Subject to Availability

To Get Started
Drop in on one of our Orientation sessions held every Monday at 10 am at ACAP’s Outreach Center, 333 Sheridan Avenue, to make the first step toward a fulfilling career. If after the orientation you decide that this is the program for you, simply schedule an appointment with one of our employment specialists to complete a career assessment and begin preparing for your future! ACAP staff can also assist you with your child care, transportation, and/or additional education needs while in the program.

EMPLOYERS: The Benefits of Career Pathways
You will meet quality candidates who are thoroughly screened for the necessary skills that you seek. Most will be completing full-time training with us, allowing us to conduct accurate assessments of their suitability for your positions. Many will also be eligible for retention services for up to one year after employment, helping you minimize turnover and increase employee satisfaction. Please call ACAP’s Job Developer at 518.463.3174 ext. 144 for information on becoming an employment partner.

If you have a client who is motivated and committed to full-time work, please call our Career Pathways Program Coordinator at 518.463.3175 ext. 115 to make a referral. Our Career Pathways Program Coordinator will work with your client to take the next steps towards successful employment. Should you so desire, you may also receive periodic updates on the services received by the clients you refer.

If you have a training program for vocational skills, please call our Career Pathways Program Coordinator at 518.463.3175 ext. 115 to become a training partner and receive referrals.

For more information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or download a Career Services Program brochure. You are also welcome to visit any of our Outreach Centers or contact us at:

ACAP Career Services
Tel.: 518.463.3175

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